The Total Pro Artistry Course + Media and SFX

Just £2000

This is the complete pro course from the North East Make Up Academy. Made up of all elements of the Pro Foundation courses in which you will gain a substantial knowledge in the basics of makeup application, basic hair techniques, bridal makeup, advanced eye techniques, vintage makeup and you’ll experience what’s it’s like to work on a shoot as well as how to create more creative, high impact looks.

You will benefit from extended time spent with out skilled and experienced mentors. The Total Pro Artistry Certificate is the perfect course for anybody determined to embark on a career in the business.

Element 1 Pro Artistry Foundation Course Part 1

  • Health and safety
  • Discussing the legal aspects of the makeup industry and becoming fully covered by insurance
  • How to use your NEMUA 24 Pro makeup brushes correctly
  • Pricing yourself correctly in your area
  • Understanding face shapes and undertones
  • How to use the colour wheel
  • Colour correcting
  • Finding the perfect foundation for your client
  • Skin preparation for makeup applications
  • Creating the perfect base for your clients
  • Disguising dark eye circles and brightening the under eye area
  • Covering blemishes
  • Applying powder to achieve a lasting makeup base
  • Contouring and highlighting the skin to enhance and disguise areas of the face using powders
  • Blusher placement and application
  • How to get started in the makeup industry and attracting clients
  • Understanding eye shapes and how to enhance and them
  • Protecting the base from eye shadow fall out
  • Creating the perfect brow using a selection of powder, pencils and gel products
  • Understanding the difference between eye shadow products and how to use them
  • Apply colour wash technique to eyes to learn how to place and blend eyeshadows
  • Precision 4 stage eye liner flick
  • Hygenic eyelash curling and mascara application
  • Marketing advice and how to start to attract customers for a profitably business
  • Apply 4 stage eye shadow technique to add colour and contour to the eye
  • Eye liner framing and the correct placement of products to enhance shape
  • Strip lash application using NEMUA mink lashes
  • Lip preparation
  • Precision red lip application and how to correct mistakes
  • Website advice from our web team.  How to avoid over paying and what you actually need from a website
  • Smokey eye application and flawless blending using several pigments, pencils and gel liner
  • Creating a dewy base for your clients compensating for skin type using the NEMUA Base Blending Sponge
  • Nude lip application
  • Suggested makeup kit, makeup equipment and go to products
  • Information on Professional discounts and how to achieve the maximum discounts
  • Question and answer session to our NEMUA makeup artists to illuminate any enquires you may have from week 1
  • Student quiz to test your knowledge from your first week of learning at NEMUA
  • Student assessment to test your practical abilities from week 1!

Element 2: Pro Artistry Foundation Course Part 2

  • Basic hair styling techniques
  • Health and safety when working with hair and hair equipment
  • Assembling a basic kit
  • Sectioning, backcombing and combing out correctly
  • Creating height
  • Plaits
  • Fish tail plait
  • 3 strand plait
  • Scalp plait
  • Curling techniques
  • GHD curling, beach waves, barrel curling and spiral curling
  • Barrel setting
  • Donuts
  • French pleat
  • High pony tail
  • Low chignon
  • 1950’s pin up makeup
  • Create a crisp and clean vintage look concentrating on the following features:
  • Matt velvet skin
  • Heavy brow
  • Vintage eye technique and precision flick
  • Precision red lip
  • Brow application
  • Arabic eye application technique
  • Working with pigments, mixing mediums and glitter
  • Contouring and high lighting with cream using the NEMUA base blender
  • Uniformed lip application to compliment the look
  • Bridal makeup training and business advice from our NEMUA makeup artists
  • Bridal assessment day
  • Information of bridal industry considering the following:
  • Marketing, basic kit basic applications of makeup and go to products discussed in course 1
  • Pricing yourself correctly within your market
  • Deposits
  • Diary management
  • Client consultation and brief/planning
  • Trials
  • Backup plans
  • Time of wedding and planning your time
  • Disclaimers/allergies
  • Wedding colours and themes
  • Mood boards
  • Classic makeup to last a life time
  • Foundations must be suitable for the skin for lasting makeup of up to 12 hours
  • Water proof makeup

On the Final day, we have arranged a photo shoot for you. You’re going to do makeup, hair and styling too.  Don’t worry we’ll be there to help! You’ll be assessed on your creativity, your professionalism and interaction with clients.

You will work with a professional photographer and model to design and create you look.  You will be designated a 2 hour slot on our NEMUA call sheet.

At the end of the session you’ll have gained valuable experience and a great first image for your portfolio!

Element 3: Pro Artistry Industry Trends

  • Structured brows- how to conceal and create precision
  • Highlight and contouring techniques using the NEMUA base blender
  • Full, impact smokes using winging out techniques. We show you how to add sparkle and a pop of colour to create that wow factor!
  • Nude lip to compliment the clients skin tone
  • Structured brows
  • Glow skin- strobing techniques to create a luminous dewy base
  • Spotlight eye using correct NEMUA lashes and lots of colour  to create the impact!
  • Brushed up, messy brows
  • Matt velvet base application using highlight and contouring techniques
  • Blown out socket line smokes using correct NEMUA lash application
  • Precision red lip
  • Structured, precision brows
  • Matt velvet skin
  • Precision cut crease adding glitter and sparkle for impact eyes using NEMUA lashes
  • Uniformed gloss lip
  • Structured precision brows
  • Highlight and contouring techniques using NEMUA base blender and brushes
  • Heavy Arabic eye application using NEMUA lashes
  • Nude, over drawn lip

Element 4: Media Makeup and Basic SFX

  • Health and safety
  • Disclaimers and insurance (course 1)
  • Patch testing
  • Points of contact when applying for jobs
  • Product knowledge and assembling a basic kit without over spending
  • Aging techniques –latex stipple, enhancing lines, creating wrinkles, matifiying skin and creating grey areas of hair on face and body
  • Discuss male grooming and makeup
  • The importance of continuity
  • Learn about foundations and troubleshooting with lighting
  • Burns, use liquid latex to create an infected burn with blistering
  • Blistering, use products to create blister and lumps
  • Black eyes/bruising-create black and bruised eyes discussing the stages of bruising for continuity when working on media products
  • Gum black outs black and flesh-apply products to create the appearance of black teeth or exposed gums
  • Cuts and scratches, using simple effects to portray the effects of a fight
  • Missing fingers, using derma wax and blood to make believable severe injuries
  • Embedded objects, using different objects to give the illusion of products penetrating the skin
  • Scars, create scars from various products to make believable scars to the face and body
  • Cold sores-create realistic cold sores for media work
  • Sweat and tears-create the illusion of tears and perspiration to help an actor portray a believable performance
  • Stubble-to create the illusion of tiredness or dishevelment
  • Beards and moustache application- to create age to a character or comedy!

Spend the morning practicing all the skills you have learned over the past 4 days. We will set you a small quiz to test your knowledge and then the fun begins!

We will give you a brief to follow of a character we have made up to test your skills. You will create believable makeup to correspond with this character.

What is included?

  • BABTAC Accredited Course
  • NE Academy Certificate of Attendance
  • Goody Bag Worth £150
    • Free Probrushes 24 Brush Set worth £85 (limited time)
    • 3 Styles of Prolashes
    • 1 Prosponge
    • Tote Bag
  • 20% Discount on all Probrushes products
  • 60% off Prolashes
  • 10% off MAC Middlesbrough
  • Photoshoot with an editorial photographer to start building your portfolio

Course Dates


7th Sept – 2nd Oct 10-5pm (4 weeks)


You can attend any course sessions throughout the year to complete the first 3 parts of this diploma. Then attend the 4th module (Media and SFX) 28/09/20 – 2/10/20. Just ask!



Spaces on courses and workshops at NE Academy are limited so click through to book your spot now to avoid disappointment!

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