Colour Analysis Consultation

Just £125

Are you wearing the correct colours?

Ever wondered why you put a particular colour of clothing on and you’re in a bad mood?

This training session is a MUST from any age and any gender

Colour analysis has been around since the 80’s, developed by a brand called ’Colour Me beautiful’ Amazing techniques that we put together to determine a person’s ‘season’ helping them to choose the correct colours to compliment their natural features.

Determining what colours suit you will harmonise your wardrobe and save you money on unwanted items that sit in the closet and then eventually find their way to the charity shop.

Are you an autumn, a winter a summer or a spring?

We have all been there, it looks amazing on the hanger but when you come to wear it, it just doesn’t look right-wasted money!

Why not invest those pennies into the amazing consultation session with our NEMUA expert?

Our colour analysis expert will advise you on the colours that compliment your undertone and features to harmonise your colours together.

This will be the best money that you have ever spent.  Now you can go and spend money an invest in gorgeous garments that make you glow, let people notice YOU, not just the outfit.

What if I change my hair colour, do I have to attend again?

The answer is no! We match to your natural under tone, hair colour and eye colour.  Don’t worry if you have been colouring your hair for forever, just bring a photo before you started experimenting with colour! Oh and don’t wear any tan! We need to see your natural undertone, otherwise we cannot get a good match.


  • Save thousands of pounds on un-wanted items that are destined for the charity shop (or give them to a friend that has also been colour analysed by us!
  • Take away your own colour swatch and ALWAYS buy the colour that make you look amazing!
  • Feel more confident by wearing the correct colours
  • Look amazing and get some compliments!
  • Chose the correct makeup and save even more money!

Why not combine the consultation with out Learn the Look makeup training session?

So, what’s your season?

Price included personal colour swatch


Spaces on courses and workshops at NE Academy are limited so click through to book your spot now to avoid disappointment!

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